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Hello! My name is Jessica Lin, and I'm a designer and illustrator. After earning my BFA in Graphic and Interactive Design at Tyler School of Art in 2017, I moved to Kansas City and started working with Hallmark as a design intern and then as an associate designer. I created design concepts for Hallmark major every day and seasonal product lines. I was also part of the Asian-American Resouce Community, designing event posters, email banners, and other event collaterals.


In 2020, I moved to Chicago, working remotely as a designer for Hallmark. I create a broad range of surface designs and illustrations to support different product lines at Hallmark and work with the art director to pitch design ideas to Hallmark's retail partners, such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Target. I design products from concept development to final delivery, translating current trends and following brand guidelines for product development. Some product examples include gift bags, gift wraps, stationery, stickers, and licensing products for various holidays. In my years of working, I also developed hand lettering skills, where I support some of Hallmark's social media posts. Aside from my day-to-day job. I have two years of experience as a freelance designer and illustrator for children's curriculum books. I designed the book layouts and cover for over twenty-four books and fully illustrated two books. The Geodes collections can be found here.


I have about six years of experience working in the design industry, and my proficiencies include print and digital design, illustration, lettering, layout, branding, and more. 


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