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My primary role as a designer at Hallmark is creating gift bags and wrapping papers for various holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's day...etc. I've worked on Walgreens exclusives, Walmart exclusives, and Hallmark Gold Crown collections. Most of the product examples on my site are my original design, illustration, and lettering. In some projects, I used assets from the illustration studio and transformed them for the desired look. The design process starts with trends researching and presenting/pitching different design concepts and solutions to the art directors and our business partners. After some design revisions and everything was approved, I took the files for final production, which included file preparations for the paper stocks and secondary processes. ©HALLMARK LICENSING, LLC 

COMPANY Hallmark Cards | ROLE Design, Illustration, lettering | ART DIRECTION Rayane Book

I have the opprtunity to take lead on the Easter Gift Collection for Inspirations From Hallmark, a Hallmark brand curated for our Walgreens partner. I designed and illustrated gift bags and die-cut basket bags, and more.

This is another collection I took the lead in designing and illustrating. This Christmas collection of gift bags and wraps was also created for IFH – Inspirations From Hallmark. These gift bags & wraps were part of the "FUN" collection for their Christmas category, in which the targeted consumers were kids and millennials. As the result, the style direction is family-friendly with a bright color palette. Additional credits include Hallmark Artists for part of the artwork.